Service control center

Gradual, unlimited I/O upgrading customized to business expansion

In order to manage countrywide businesses and services, companies need to be able to identify all activities ranging from customers’ requests and supply of materials and services to sales and delivery of goods at one go.

The use of cameras and monitoring programs enable customers and their organizations to take effective and prompt measures on the basis of visual information gathered from all aspects of their businesses.

The sharing of visual information provided by ViewFlex helps its users identify and share key information using video walls, PCs, smartphones and tablets, without limitations of distance and location.

Using the flexible I/O extension of ViewFlex, our customers find it easy to extend I/O methods of video systems regardless of the expansion of service scope and location, eventually minimizing the service interruption and expenses that result from the construction of large-scale systems.

For example, a security control service provider was facing worsening problems with the lack of video system capacity as their business expansion led to an increase in the number of operators.

The use of the existing hardwired video system prevented new operators from being integrated into the legacy system until the system is extended in an interval of several years.

After the introduction of ViewFlex, however, the company could extend the control system immediately to meet an increase in the number of new operators, leading to solving the lack of system capacity and responding to the expansion of businesses and sales in a more effective way.

Traffic control center

Most efficient system displaying various images

Transportation traffic control systems involving roads, railways and aviation consist of GIS dashboard screens displaying comprehensive, location-based information, CCTV videos for monitoring, and images of operation control consoles.

GIS images are extracted from the existing vast database. If displays have high resolution, they would automatically display a lot of information, dozens times than more Full HD computer monitors can do.

ViewFlex supports for Korea’s highest resolution per standard server, serving as a best solution for the construction of GIS-based, large-scale control dashboard systems.

Most of CCTVs used in roads, harbors, railways and aviation are being converted to an IP-based system. There are ways of displaying hundreds of IP CCTVs on a video wall: Installation of many servers, combination of decoders, splitters and matrix, and introduction of ViewFlex.

The first method involves the connection of exclusive servers to each monitors and the overlay layout of servers for image synchronization and distribution among servers.

The above method increases the number of equipment and costs, eventually reducing economic feasibility and maintenance of situation rooms.

Second, the combination of hundreds of decoders, splitters and connecting cables consumes huge space in an equipment room.

Due to the complexity and high costs of the equipment, users cannot benefit in relation to system improvement and introduction costs.

On the other hand, ViewFlex’s customers can enlarge, divide, reduce and PIP a lot of IP-based CCTV videos on the entire video wall, using only one device.

In addition, the device can serve as a GIS dashboard server and a video wall displaying PC monitor screens.

Ultra high resolution digital electronic display

Feeling of immersion delivered by top-class resolution and image quality

High resolution and high image quality are significant elements in displays. Although an increase in display size is prerequisite for maximizing realism and a feeling of immersion, resolution of displays need to be increased as well.

In multiple screens consisting of high-resolution, multi-vision displays, the capability of video devices to process megapixel streaming is critical.

ViewFlex is Korea’s first single device with an engine to run cinema 4K resolution video files (4096x2304). This solution provides the scaling capability that can enlarge video files to full frame of up to 10K (1920x1080*24EA).

In the past, due to the limited display performance and scaling capability of engines, video split editing aimed to display original video files on a large number of PCs and additional construction of frame synchronization solutions were needed in a bid to realize ultra high resolution displays.

However, ViewFlex’s customers can play contents of the industry’’ best resolution by using only one device without a need for the complex installation of equipment. Enjoying various functions such as TV signal displaying, ticker and overlay notifications, exclusive apps and scheduling, they make use of ViewFlex as a powerful and effective video promotion platform.

Computer center and infrastructure control center

Excellent video processing algorithm, monitor virtualization and sharing security

Speedy and correct responses to emergencies are significant in computer centers and infrastructure control centers.

Monitoring programs as various as complex information managed by the centers run on desktop PCs of operators.

ViewFlex features outstanding video processing algorithm, monitor virtualization and sharing security, improving real-time responses of operators in control centers.

Low quality software delays the speed of operations consoles, which is no different from neglecting a chain of system failures.

ViewFlex program installed in operations consoles transmits computer screens to a video wall in real time and needs only 0.2 to 0.5 percent of CPU.

The high PCI-E bus data transfer rate will prove the fear about system degradation that may be caused by the introduction of an IP-based video system to be groundless.

Most of power plants, steel mills, factories and computer centers operate programs slow in loading or responding.

However, ViewFlex users can utilize its monitor virtualization function to load the slow responding programs in advance on the virtually created monitor and then display the virtualized monitor images on a video wall as soon as failures occur.

Without a need to wait for programs with longer loading time, they make active use of advantages of ViewFlex.

ViewFlex is Korea’s one and only system that has a 3-Tier I/O fabric architecture.

In other words, as the server is in charge of duplicating, displaying and distributing images on its own even when videos of a specific computer are displayed on video walls of various sizes and location and the images are shared among a large number of users, the loads of the original computers, IP CCTVs and systems and networks of video equipment remain unchanged.

Moreover, since other users are allowed only to see the images distributed by the server instead of getting direct access to the original video equipment, security of key video equipment is ensured.

Local CCTV control center

Outstanding performance and stability that can prevent delayed responses

Primary local governments operate 400 to 600 CCTVs across the country in an aim to prevent crimes and monitor traffic, disasters and illegal disposal of trash. To manage them, they construct integrated control centers.

In doing so, they need to take into accounts hardware, solutions, infrastructure, interior designs and operation organizations in a comprehensive manner to create an optimal environment for operating the control centers.

Among others, stability and performance are considerations of utmost importance in displaying CCTV images on a large-scale video wall.

Even if control centers operate a large number of CCTVs with good picture quality, if operators are not allowed to rapidly display and share many images of interest on the large-size video wall on occasion of emergency to take prompt measures through related systems, resulting damages would be inevitably growing.

In addition, although operators should immediately identify problems with the server equipment in charge of displaying images on the video wall and take prompt actions against them, the introduction of low-priced devices may hinder immediate responses when needed.

Over 99 percent of local control centers use the monitoring PC system consisting of a computer with an i7 CPU and Full HD dual monitors.

Usually, one operator monitors screens displaying 32 SD-resolution IP CCTV images in a 16 split view.

Like this, 32 SD-resolution images are viewed at a full frame (30 fps) at the same time, which leads to increasing the PC’s CPU usage to 50 to 60 percent.

Unlike ViewFlex Agent featuring a PCI-e-based, high-speed bus compression function, the installation of low-priced software using H.264, RDP or VNC remote control library may increase the usage of monitoring PCs to 80 to 90 percent when images are transmitted to dual monitors at the same time, making it impossible for operators to take prompt, appropriate measures.

Users can check and take measures against the damages of OS and programs at once only with the One-Touch function, one of major features of ViewFlex, in which users can reset a system to normal with one press of a button.

ViewFlex’s performance was verified by the Excellent Performance Certification in recognition of its high-speed compression performance and operation stability, becoming Korea’s one and only certified solution in this field. Moreover, ViewFelx is playing a leading role in converting situation boards in CCTV control centers across the country into IP-based ones.