ViewFlex Server

Appliance hardware with embedded OS exclusively for graphic processing

Intel Quad Core i7 with Intel Hyper-Threading technology
Optional : Intel Hexa Core i7, Intel Hexa Core Xeon, Intel Octa Core Xeon, Intel Octa Core Xeon Dual, Intel Octa Core Xeon Quad

DDR-III, 1600MHz, 8GB
Optional : DDR-III, 1600MHz, 16GB, 24GB, 32GB, or higher

10/100/1000 Mbps * 1EA
Optional : 10/100/1000 or higher Mbps * 2EA, 4EA or higher

SATA-III, 7200rpm, 1TB HDD
Optional : HDD 7200rpm or higher, 2TB or higher. HDD RAiD 0,1,5. SSD 64GB, 128GB or higher

Exclusive embedded OS (Windows 7 64bit embedded-based)
Optional : User Changeable

Output for Display
DDR-III, 1600MHz, 8GB Connection of 48 panels (1920x1080) per standard server
Choice of cable genders for RGB/DVI/HDMI/DisplayPort
Video cables sold separately
Optional: Connection of up to 96 panels per server (Additional consultation needed) Support for UHD (3840x2160) images
Optional: In the case of purchasing stack license, stack boxes are added to comprise a mega-size video wall consisting of over 100 panels.

Input for Display
Licensing is available according to input types and amounts. For more details, refer to “Modules for Input.”

Value Added
Support for edge blending with up to 99% overlap and irregular-shaped video walls (wing-shaped, diamond-shaped and separable-type video walls)

Various video input modules

ViewFlex Agent
PC screen video compression and transmission software
Support for Windows 7, 8, Vista Server
Support for 32bit/64bit
In the case of multi monitors, a separate channel is given to respective monitors. A single channel can be provided for a particular monitor or for the combined monitors. Both methods can be applied at the same time.
Average time difference between videos displaying on a video wall and original ones: 0.03 seconds
Average number of frames between videos displaying on a video wall and original ones: 55 fps
PC resource usage (CPU usage): 0.5 to 5%

Graphic/Video Input
After compression of a number of HDMI/DVI/RGB/Composite images, they are transmitted through a network to a server.
Used to connect TV set top boxes, DVD players and analog CCTVs
Applied to input PC screen images for the purpose of network separation
As the input module is modularized, multiple video signals can be combined for input according to single types and amounts.
Available for extension, when graphic/video input ports of the server are not sufficient
Because the equipment interworks with the server and network, unlimited extension is possible.
The world’s top-class encoding channel is provided for Full HD videos on a single device basis.

IP Camera
Images of IP CCTVs are displayed directly in the ViewFlex’s server through the network and codec I/F without an additional converter.
As with cameras using same IP addresses, separate streaming is available by resolution.
Support for H.264/MPEG4/MJPEG/RTSP/RTP/HTTP/TCP/UDP protocols

Media and Document Files
Video files including AVI/FLV/MP4/WMV/MKV and document files including PPT/PDF run in an engine embedded in the server.
ViewFlex Controller can enlarge, reduce and transfer media files. It can play/stop/pause/sound on/off of video files.
ViewFlex Controller can remotely run a single or many files in a presentation mode.
ViewFlex Controller can enlarge, reduce, transfer and turn pages (automatic/manual) in a separate presentation.

Webpage and EXE
Download and displaying of web pages using Inter Explorer embedded in the sever
PC function to execute super high resolution GUI programs using EXE installed in the server
ViewFlex Controller can remotely control the execution, exit, location movement and size adjustment of Window frames of web pages and EXE programs.

Monitor Virtualization
In the case of long waiting time for executing programs and lack of PC monitors, programs can be pre-loaded and run on a virtual monitor created by ViewFlex.
Video displaying on the video wall like real monitors

Mobile Devices
Images of smartphone cameras are transmitted through its own or 3rd party application and they are received and displayed by ViewFlex on the video wall in situation rooms.
During video call through telecommunication company app., cloud video conference app., codec-based video conference app. or others, ViewFlex displays the smartphone screen live on the video wall.

Various video sharing modules

ViewFlex Viewer
Users can log in the ViewFlex Server in situation rooms in a short or long distance, and selectively check video channels distributed by the Server.
Support for Windows 7, 8, Vista, Server
Support for 32bit/64bit

ViewFlex ViewerBox
ViewFlex Viewer embedded player
Windows 7 embedded
Installation behind monitors and TVs
Supply of a wireless keyboard and a mouse
Optional: It can be produced separately to cater to specifications for general desktops, servers and workstations.
Support for multi monitors
Support for Windows 7 OS

Mobile Viewer
Searching for a channel aired by ViewFlex Server on Android and iOS smart devices
Optional: A web server can be constructed for image searching on webpages. (Additional consultation needed)

ViewFlex Controller

Main Functions
As software designed to control videos displaying on situation boards, ViewFlex can control the enlargement, reduction, transfer, PIP and copying of images and contents.
A multiple controller mode is operated in a single or multiple servers.
Its support for touch screen and scroll-type GUI provide innovative conveniences, compared to the conventional push button-type MCS.

Contents Control
Remote control of agent PCs
Separate and simultaneous control of multi monitors
Support for the control of remote execution, page redirection, enlargement, reduction, transfer, PIP and copying of contents on the video wall

Display Control
Designation and editing of presets, conversion of channel sequences, preset conversion and scheduler function

Interworking with Other Devices
SDK provided to interwork with legacy and MCS
Control of display on/off