ViewFlex is an enterprise-level video platform that presents new standards for performance and flexibility of video services. By applying a PCI express-based technology for tracking graphic bit-stream and a technology for creating megapixel stream, the system provides Korea’s best video transmission speed and ultra high resolution. With regard to I/O amount and type, ViewFlex enables unlimited extension and interworking.

All kinds of video images on IP network basis

Monitor Screen
Using the existing network, ViewFlex can display monitor screens of PCs on a video wall without the construction of video cables.

TV Set Top Box
Video cables of DVD players and TV set top devices in which software installation is impossible can be connected to ViewFlex.

Without any additional converters, ViewFlex can display images of IP CCTVs on a video wall as it embeds video codecs and streaming protocols of IP CCTVs

Remote Analog Equipment
If video files and image files are uploaded in an exclusive store, ViewFlex directly displays them on a video wall, without the help of PCs.

Web Page
If ViewFlex is connected to the internet or an internal network, it can access directly to a web server, downloads the HTML page and display it on a video wall.

Window Program
ViewFlex can serve as a super high resolution PC to display ultra high resolution programs, dozen times better than Full HD ones (ex: GIS dashboard).

If PPT files are uploaded in an internal store, ViewFlex can enlarge, reduce and transfer them and turn pages remotely.

Mobile Devices
The use of 3rd party apps or exclusive apps enables ViewFlex users to display videos of smsartphone cameras and screens of smartphones on a video wall anywhere across the country.

Virtual Monitor
In the case of long waiting time for executing programs and lack of PC monitors, if the programs run on a virtual monitor crated by ViewFlex, one click of ViewFlex Controller can display them on a video wall.

Multiple Monitor
In the case of multi monitor PCs, a separate channel is given to each monitors. A single channel can be provided for the combined monitors. Both methods can be applied at the same time.

Ultra high speed transmission using PCI-e streaming processing technology

0.03 seconds
People’s reaction time to keyboard and mouse inputs is between 0.1 and 0.15 seconds, and professional gamers respond to changes on a monitor within 0.05 seconds. If there are delays in video display longer than the average reaction time, the repeated feedback delays inevitably cause inconveniences and stress of operators. ViewFlex is able to deal with the entire process from capture, compression and transmission to reception, decompression and graphic display within only 0.03 seconds, providing the world’s top-class SW codec performance. ViewFlex enables you to work on a keyboard and a mouse, watching only the transmitted screens, not originals ones.

Video files and screens aired live are transmitted and displayed on computers, smartphones and IP TVs at 25 to 30 fps. ViewFlex is able to compress and transmit such computer screens at up to 55 fps. Those who were disappointed with image quality of the conventional PC remote control software will be satisfied with our excellent transmission performance.

ViewFlex is an only solution to control centers of mission-critical organizations such as nuclear plants, computer centers and military camps that must work on dealing with risks of delays in data processing resulting from software installation and network utilization. Displaying Full HD images to execute monitoring dashboard programs and situation map programs consumes only 0.1 to 0.5 percent of ViewFlex.

Video displaying on all kinds of display devices

UHD Display
If you want to introduce an Ultra HD display, choose ViewFlex providing a video wall consisting of UHD panels, the first of its kind in Korea.

ViewFlex is a one and only solution video wall that is connected to displays of different resolutions and models at the same time.

Auxiliary Display
Only one device of ViewFlex enables the integrated operation ranging from displays installed in sides of a main video wall, sides of a situation room and in the next offices to irregular-shaped video walls and displays in distant places.

Irregular-Shaped Video Wall
Although a video wall is comprised of many displays of different types, sizes and resolutions, ViewFlex is based on a tile display architecture using one device to run in an integrated manner.

Image Quality in Enlargement and Reduction
ViewFlex guarantees an excellent image quality compensation function when they need to be resized through the intelligent scaling engine that can distinguish texts and images for processing. When a Full HD original video (1920x1080) is reduced to one (640x360), one –ninth of the original size, readability of the texts in the original video is secured.

Mega-size Video Wall
ViewFlex can create an environment where multiple controller software displays the repeated duplications of many computer screens on a mega-size video wall comprised of 100, 200 or more Full HD panels and video files are enlarged, reduced, transferred and displayed in the PIP function regardless of the boundaries and locations of displays.

Strong combination of hardware and software effectively controls images

Touch Interface
Controller software is offered to help users enlarge, reduce and transfer images through touch and drag motions.

Contents Remote Control
By using the control software, users can remotely execute and close video files, PPT files, image files and EXE programs stored in a video wall. Such temote control encompasses the automatic and manual page turning of PPT files and the play, stop, pause and sound on/off functions of video files.

PC Remote Control
The PC remote control function embedded in ViewFlex Controller is particularly useful when the number of operators is not sufficient in comparison with that of computers in situation rooms.

Multiple Presentations
Unlike PCs, ViewFlex enables several PPT files to open in the presentation mode at the same time. The enlargement, reduction, transfer and page turning of each presentation screens can be controlled in a remote fashion.

Transparency Control
ViewFlex Controller can adjust the transparency of designated videos when the PIP function is used.

OSD and Ticker
ViewFlex Controller can create and display tickers scrolling along the bottom of video walls and on-screen display images superimposed on screen pictures.

Video Cropping
ViewFlex Controller designates a specific PC, so that a certain part of the monitor is recognized as an video channel.

Power Control
ViewFlex Controller can turn on and off video walls through the RS-232 control function.

Video sharing without limitations of distance and location

Video Sharing
Video files can be shared in any networked places through ViewFlex View or Viewer Box.

3 Tier (not P2P)
General video solutions and remote control solutions are based on peer-to-peer computing. Therefore, the interfaces of original PCs are open to other users, which may cause problems with security and performance of the systems. Because ViewFlex provides an environment in which an original video is duplicated and transmitted through one main server, a growth in the amount of display on video walls and the amount of network sharing does not have any impact on the original PC.

Network Separation
By using the MC encoder, users can convert video files whose network is separated to monitor cables into a network-based system, transmitting them to distant video walls. Featuring best input amount and high resolution, ViewFlex’s encoder will be all the more outstanding alternative when you deal with a large amount of images or various types of signals.

Support for LTE
Dynamic DNS technologies do not work on LTE network because of its architecture. Cloud services or video calls provided by telecommunication companies are needed to transmit the images of LTE terminals to situation rooms. The use of ViewFlex's gateware device enables its users to enjoy easy transmission of necessary images to situation rooms on the LTE network.