Nuricon IP Wall receives Green Certification from government

2013-11-05 16:11
Nuricon’s multiple image processing technology - which able to cut down on the electricity consumption of multi-screen video walls - obtained Green Certification.

And ViewFlex, a IP-based video wall to which Nuricon’s multiple image processing technology is applied, obtained the confirmation of green technology product from the Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology (KIAT), the company said on October 15.

The Green Certification, granted by the Green Certification Office at the KIAT, evaluates and recognizes the value and effect of technologies which make effective use of energies and resources to minimize the emissions of green house gases and pollutants.

Nuricon obtained the Green Certification in terms of tracking of bit streams of graphic memory, production of megapixel streaming and configuration of high-quality video walls.

Nuricon said in the statement that the technology transforms the existing hardwire video control infrastructure into IP network-based one by processing high-quality, massive video data based on networs in real time, enabling video control service providers to overcome distance and space, improve the economic feasibility, simplicity, extension and maintenance of the system and reduce the amount of electricity used. ViewFlex is the first IP-based smart video wall in Korea.

Nuricon’s IP network-based video processing technology was recognized for its innovation and superiority as it obtained the New Excellent Technology (NET) and the Excellent Performance Certification (EPC) from the government. As the achievement of the Green Certification proved eco-friendliness of Nuricon’s technological prowess and increased the brand value of ViewFlex, the company plans to open up new markets and increase sales by carrying out aggressive marketing activities, CEO Kim Soo-dong said in the statement.
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