Nuricon CEO "Challenging the video wall market with IP-based VIewFlex"

2014-01-10 16:11

Nuricon is a IP-based video processing solution company which suggests a new standard in the video wall market. One year has passed since it launched VIewFlex. Although the IP-based video wall system sounds still unfamiliar, the growth of Nuricon and the attention paid by the market to the company are worth noting. About 30 organizations including public institutions and private companies adopted Nuricon’s ViewFlex and it added 20 more organizations to the customer list in the first half of 2013 alone. With the spread of IP-based infrastructure and the advertisement of its strengths, Nuricon’s growth seems to accelerate.

Company Name: Nuricon
CEO: Kim Soo-dong
Establishment: March 22, 20111
Phone: 070-4200-5761
Key Product: IP Wall

Nuricon was founded by CEO Kim Soo-dong and founding members, who pinned a high hope on a possibility of an IP-based video wall system, in March 2011. Since the establishment, CEO Kim and employees set out to actualize their ideas, and after they devoted themselves to research, they successfully developed ViewFlex at the end of 2011 and entered the market starting 2012.

To develop ViewFlex
The time when ViewFlex hit the market, the existing video wall system was based mainly on hardware, and IP-based products were hardly found. ViewFlex, however, received enthusiastic responses in the market. Nuricon, which was set up by 4 entrepreneurs, gradually grew to have 11 staff and post sales of about 1.1 billion won in the year of the launch.

“Nuricon was established by former colleagues who had worked together at a national defense SI company. At that time, we built DLP cubes and DID monitors in briefing rooms as part of conducting a SI project in the command and control center of military headquarters. The military command wanted to command officers to monitor the same screens on a usual basis. But we couldn’t use video cables because of physical restriction, and this was possible after the construction of fiber optic cables. Based on this experience, ViewFlex, Nuricon’s IP-based video wall system, was developed.”

ViewFlex was developed to resolve inconveniences including the construction of fiber optic cables only for a few, even if it’s out of necessity, and the reconstruction work resulting from reshuffles of organizations. However, it was hard to realize the concept at the national defense SI company. It seemed difficult to draw investments in the uncertain idea especially in the business line already operated in a stable way. Many processes were required for the decision making.

Considering the concept as a good idea which could dramatically reduce costs and improve efficiency of the system, CEO Kim and the founding members decided to set up a company and pushed ahead with their plan.

“The initial concept of the video wall system was to improve the inefficient environment for video transmission. As Korea has fairly excellent network infrastructure compared to other countries and great transmission environments, we started by thinking that the video transmission environment could be improved based on the well-developed infrastructure. As a result, we developed ViewFlex.”

No problem with system extension
In a way, it might be predictable that ViewFlex received enthusiastic responses from the market. At a time when the establishment and operation of situation rooms entail a complex environment where a number of equipment and various cables are interconnected, Nuricon’s ViewFlex replaced the video encoding system with software, creating an environment without video cables. Moreover, the codec optimized for integrated control centers enables the transformation and convergence of video images created from various sources into one format. This is all possible because video processing is based on IP and the existing complicate environments were replaced by one server.

One of the biggest strengths of ViewFlex lies in that there is no additional investment in facilities and construction in places with IP infrastructure. The existing facilities can be substituted with one sever, leading to saving spaces.

“Under the operation of the conventional system, equipment extension resulting from system buildup, the resulting increase in investment, spaces for the operation of various appliances and cables for video signals were required, and the construction of fiber optic cables was also needed with distance increasing. Although such situation rooms secure room for further system extension, there is no choice but to replace the system when beyond its capabilities. ViewFlex, however, made improvements in all these environments, and users can extend the system with the addition of license.

Optimization of operation environment based on exclusive codec for integrated control centers
Apart from the system buildup, Nuricon offers MC Codec. MC Codec, so-called codec for integrated control, is optimized for the control system and features functions required to operate integrated control centers. It can handle all video image resources by supporting a standard codec like H. 264.

Functions required for operating integrated control centers are summarized into three: 1) there should not be delays in video transmission. 2) Encoding should not place burden on PCs. 3) Video images should not fade. All these must be secured in operating integrated control centers.

“ViewFlex V2.0, developed this year, has delay time of 30mm/s, one fifth of that of other systems. Encoding is based on GPU, and PC usage amounts to only 5 percent. The newly developed ViewFlex V 2.0 can encode real-time video at 60 fps. This is a result of optimizing the system for real-time implementation and the key of MC Codec.”

The potential of Nuricon armed with technological prowess is astonishing. For that reason, ViewFlex is well received in the market. According to the company, ViewFlex is being adopted and operated by public institutions, conglomerates including Samsung and Hyundai Group, the Ministry of National Defense and the financial industry. It is expected to tap into the global market in the near future
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