Nuricon launches ViewFlex V2.0

2014-01-10 16:03
All-IP-based video wall solution hits the market

Nuricon, Korea’s network-based video processing solution developer, launched ViewFlex V2.0, an IP-network-based smart video wall solution, on February 15.

ViewFlex is Korea’s first IP Wall product that Nuricon developed base on its own technology and the only video display product accredited by the New Excellent Technology of the Ministry of Knowledge and Economy and the Excellent Performance Certification of Small and Medium Business Administration. Because it does not require video cables, ViewFlex is convenient to install. Since initial installment, extension is easily available without physical changes even if the displaying environment changes. In addition, authorized users can share video images anywhere, enabling remote control and cooperation.

In the U.S. and other advanced countries, the IP Wall has been already confirmed to be superior to the existing hardwire method in terms of picture quality, performance, security, stability and acceptance of demand in a variety of video images and is replacing conventional hardwire products at a rapid pace.

The newly launched ViewFlex V2.0 improved major features: It supports full frame, the world’s only in SW encoding methods; enables unlimited I/O extension; processes all kinds of video images from PCs, CCTVs, TVs, mobile devices and devices for video conferences based on IP; features a standard data format optimized for massive video wall environments (a technology accredited by NET) and provides video images and audio at the same time. Compared to the previous version, ViewFlex V2.0 made a huge improvement in video processing, leading to offering a real All-IP-based image service environment.

Nuricon secured more than 30 customers including governmental institutions, local governments, the National Police Agency and private companies in 2012. Earlier in 2013, the company, armed with unrivaled competitiveness, made inroads into the market by receiving large-scale deals in the national defense and financial industries.

The launch of the new version of ViewFlex ensured the global competitiveness of the brand. Based on this, Nuricon is planning to tap into the overseas market.

“Through the launch of V2.0, ViewFlex gained the upper hand in price and performance compared to its rivals made in advanced countries. In 2013, we will gradually increase sales by participating in exhibitions held abroad to let the world know our products and securing local business partners to lay the foundation for robust sales,” said CEO Kim Soo-dong.
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