Quality Certification Policy

Nuricon is the one and only video display product accredited by the Green Certification, the New Excellent Technology (NET) and the Excellent Performance Certification (EPC) from certification authorities in recognition of the key performances of its network-based video solution such as processing capacity, real time, system/network loads and energy reduction.

There are ever growing customers’ needs for introducing a more capable and reliable product for the purposes of making prompt decisions and organically performing businesses.

To meet such customers’ needs, Nuricon is making relentless efforts to develop technologies to provide more excellent and economical solutions and deal with various customers’ characteristics.

We provide real-time, network-based processing of high quality image data and more objective, accurate information on the effects thereof.

We also offer a variety of technological data and personnel support for innovative improvements in businesses and performances of our customers, so that they introduce the best video solution based on their own experience and strong confidence founded on objective assessments.

Key Certifications – Green Certification and Green Product Certification

Combined with the introduction of Nuricon’s video processing solution, the conversion into IP-based solutions has emerged as a major trend in the large-scale video control market.

In the past, dozens- or hundreds- kilometers of cables were installed for node-to-node connection upon the construction of a control center, even though it can cause a lot of wastes. It was inevitable to use hardware-type equipment including matrix switchers impossible to be flexibly extended.

In contrast, ViewFlex’s customers can build an IP-based video control environment, drastically reducing the amount of materials consumed and the period of construction. The video solution has no limitations of physical distance and I/O extension.

ViewFlex can considerably cut down on the amount of power and CO₂ emissions in 24-hour situation rooms by utilizing its display virtualization technology and all-in-one function.

For example, the application of ViewFlex for CCTV control centers in local governments across South Korea could reduce 616 tons of CO₂ on an annual basis.

Key Certifications – Excellent Performance Certification (EPC)

Major obstacles to the introduction of the IP-based video operation environment include degradation of picture quality, delays in image displaying and an increase in system/network loads.

Notably, as smartphones, mobile TVs, domestic IPTV set top boxes are becoming widely used, the delayed displaying and the increased system/network loads have been considered as the common and inevitable limitation of these technologies.

On the other hand, our customers are strongly recommending the introduction of ViewFlex to related organizations, saying that there are no such problems as delays in operation of videos and systems and deterioration of network performance in comparison with the existing hardwired equipment.

This is due to a technology developed by Nuricon to detect video bit-stream, its capability of real-time video processing based on a megapixel streaming technology, excellent system resource performance and its ability of large-scale decoding and rendering.

It is impossible for transmission solutions using general video codecs to reduce delay time to within 0.5 seconds (500 ms) even in an optimized environment on a mirror-to-mirror basis.

With respect to visual recognition, ViewFlex can offer the delay time as short as 30 ms, much shorter than 100 ms for ordinary people and 60 to 70 ms for professional gamers. The Test Certificate and the Excellent Performance Certification awarded to Nuricon by certification authorities with relation to video transmission performance and IP Wall server’s capability to process pixels per second convince our customers for the introduction of ViewFlex on a solid basis.

Key Certifications – New Excellent Technology

Nuricon has successfully commercialized the IP-based video wall product that can be operated in large-scale situation rooms, the first of its kinds in the country.

In addition, we have been committed to developing Korea’s video technologies and increasing intellectual properties by applying for and registering various patents and obtaining the Electromagnetic Interference Certification and ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

Nuricon will make continuous efforts to invest in technology development and provide stable and reliable solutions to satisfy various customers’ needs under our vision of “Create Value Beyond IT,” growing into a leading company in the video solution market at home and abroad.

Patents and Registration

Before Nuricon’s ViewFlex hit the market, some companies installed PC remote control software into wall controllers and promoted their way of displaying the remotely controlled screens of the network-accessed PCs on video walls as a solution for IP-based video input.

However, it was just promotional talk and not a feasible method because of its impossibility of video transmission, an increase in PC’s system resources and the limited amount of simultaneously displaying images.

Similarly, a solution was launched where H. 264 codec equipment used for CCTVs were installed in respective PC monitors and H. 264 decoders in every one to four monitors on a video wall to transmit images from PCs through a network.

Despite plausible advertisement, this solution also failed to serve as an effective product due to expensive costs of purchase and extension and endemic problems with H. 264 such as system delays and an increase in resource consumption.

From the beginning, Nuricon focused on developing a codec exclusively designed for a video wall to meet its features such as real time, efficiency and megapixel streaming.

In doing so, Nuricon dispelled the perception about IP-based video solutions and eventually made ViewFlex, its IP-based video wall, grow into the mainstream in the market.

By obtaining the New Excellent Technology, Nuricon’s video wall-exclusive codec was publicly recognized as Korea’s first new technology in the industry. Furthermore, with regard to this, it achieved the Excellent Performance Certification.