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7 1월 2016
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7 1월 2016, Comments: 0

-Network-based service platform offering total solution for video services

Today, we have a variety of analog and digital video images generated through computers, CCTVs, TVs, IPTVs, teleconferences, tele-education, telemedicine, radars and sensors in all fields of the business world and countries ranging from production, distribution, disasters, transportation and administration to public security, industrial infrastructure, medical treatment and national defense. A diversity of hardware and software are being adopted to process the video images.

Video-related physical signal standards include RGB, DVI, HDMI, display ports, composites and S-Video, etc. Video data format standards include MJPEG, MPEG, H.264, JPG and BMP, and there are a wide range of detailed profiles by standard.

Due to the diversity of standards, respective video images created within companies and public institutions have limitations of being shared and displayed according to system units and business types and only in certain areas and spaces.

Video signal reproducing and exchanging appliances include RGB Matrix Switchers, Video Matrix Switchers and DVI Matrix Switchers. The equipment, however, support single-signal standards, is not available for distant transmission and cannot transmit information via network circuit, a universal and cheap basis of information sharing. One of methods of video sharing via network is a mix of video capture, video transformation and video streaming appliances.

However, because of the complex procedure for installation and configuration, the method can be configured only by experienced technicians. For example, hospitals deal with a diversity of separate video systems such as a CCTV system for anti-crime and security, a video sharing system within a teleconference system among medical staff, a video system designed to notify announcements, a video system for remote treatment and a sensor image transmission system aimed to share the progresses of surgeries.

The current OS concept, however, enables the exchanges of individual signals among certain equipment and fails to provide an economic, flexible and extensible method to establish a comprehensive video system encompassing respective systems. In addition, in the aspect of hardware, although a demand for multi displays is rapidly growing to respond to an increase in the number of high-resolution imaging appliances, the advent of smart phones and various mobile devices and a trend toward enlargement of displays, the market had no appropriate solutions yet.

Against the backdrop, Nuricon’s ViewFlex, moving beyond the function of multi-display video walls replacing conventional hardwire products, is in the limelight as a service platform providing network-based total solution for video image service. Requirements of a platform for a variety of convergence video service in large organizations and institutions are as below:

– Video processing engine verified in terms of performance and reliability (All-IP-based real-time processing/full frame support)
– Operation within the existing IT infrastructure without investment in additional facilities and equipment
– Unlimited O/I extension
– Processing of all standard/nonstandard video equipment and signals
– Providing of interface standards to be linked to other systems

ViewFlex, operated via one integrated server, is able to display videos and other contents on multi screens in real time based on All-IP.

ViewFlex’s system administrators are able to control DIDs, PCs of operators and multi displays. Along with a single display, complex configuration of all kinds of display equipment including DIDs, DLPs and beam projectors is possible. ViewFlex is Korea’s first network-based product Nuricon developed with its own technology and the one and only product among video products accredited by NET and EPC certifications.

The core of ViewFlex is its software technology. ViewFlex uses MC Codec optimized for massive multi-display environments, and because it supports standard data formats as well as MC Codec, external compatibility is achieved without troubles.

ViewFlex adopts SW encoding and supports full frame, and its CPU usage does not exceed up to 5 percent, showing one of the world’s best performances. With regards to SW encoding, there is a huge technological gap between ViewFlex and its rivals which claim to be network-based video products. In actuality, their SW encoding performances are not good enough that they use hardware encoders or adopt a hybrid method where a portion of network inputs are allowed in hardwire products, which makes it hard to tell that they are network-based video products in a real sense.

On top of encoding performance, as for display configuration and massive display performance, ViewFlex boasts top performance compared to foreign-made competitors.

In conclusion, ViewFlex supports full frame through SW encoding; enables unlimited I/O extension; processes all kinds of video images produced from PCs, CCTVs, TVs, mobile devices and teleconference facilities on the basis of IP; provides the standard data format based on its own data format optimized for massive video wall environments (a technology accredited by NET); and offers video images and audio at the same time, featuring a real All-IP-based image service environment.

ViewFlex, which does not serve only as a wall controller for multi displays, enables users to extend a platform to build a variety of video services that organizations and institutions need for the purpose of video sharing among dispersed centers and users, remote control, teleconferences and linkage of work systems. The introduction of ViewFlex means not only the purchase of a video display appliance but also investment in the establishment of an enterprise-based video service.

Introduction of Nuricon

Nuricon whose vision is “Create Value Beyond IT” offers a new value that you never experienced with conventional products and technologies based on R&D on IT convergence solutions..

ViewFlex, Nuricon’s key product, is an IP-based smart video wall solution which can display and share video images in real time and any networked places. ViewFlex eliminates restriction of the existing electronic video image exchange system by transforming video signal processing into software. The innovative product provides a fundamental solution for problems with the conventional method including high prices for I/O port extension, configuration of devices by video signal and remote extension. ViewFlex is the most efficient and economic solution for situation rooms, control centers and various video exhibitions.

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